Masque Beltannia

Thursday May 3 – Sunday May 6

Join us for three whole days and nights of merriment, spectacle, pomp and circumstance as we celebrate the coming of Summer at the eighth annual Beltaine Masquerade!

Come one, come all to the eighth annual Masque Beltannia

The Citizens of Britannia Faire cordially invite you to join us for three days and nights as we celebrate Beltane (May Day) with raucous merriment, epic battles, and medieval festivities on 50 acres of beautiful, private land in Eastern Ohio.

Beltaine is the ancient Celtic May Day festival, and marks the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. It was once a major holiday in the ancient world, and continues to be celebrated throughout Ireland and the UK.

Why Pre-Reg?

When you pre-register for Masque Beltannia, you’re not only taking financial burden off the shoulders of our volunteers; you also get some awesome perks for your trouble! 

Event Schedule

Schedule is subject to change.


11 AM - Troll Opens

1 PM - Roaming Weapons Check

3 PM - Pickup Battles

7 PM - Bardic Competition @ Tavern

8 PM - Troll Closes

9 PM - Beltaine Ritual @ Stone Circle


8 AM - Troll Opens

9 AM - Weapons Check opens

10 AM - Weapons Check closes

10:30 AM - Pickup Battles

12:30 PM - Break / Kid's Battles

1:30 PM - Scenario Battles

4:30 PM - May Queen Pageant

Dusk (7 PM) - The Wild Hunt

9 PM - Lighting of the Balefires


8 AM - Troll Opens

9 AM - Weapons Check opens

10 AM - Weapons Check closes

10:30 AM - Pickup Battles

11:30 AM - War of Seasons (Final Scenario Battle)

1:30 PM - Break / Kids' Battles

2:30 PM - Maypole Dance

4:30 PM - Tourney of the Summer Court @ Tourney Ring

4:30 PM - Mask-making Workshop @ Tavern

7 PM - Feast of the May Queen

 8:30 PM - Masquerade Ball

10 PM - Revelry!


Tear down, pack up, cleanup,
and tearful fairwells.

Event Staff

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Head of Troll

Head Weapons Check

Security Volunteer

Security Volunteer

A&S Coordinator

Mayqeen Pageant

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