Welcome to Britannia Faire!

We specialize in hosting events for High Fantasy Medieval Role Play. However we are open to hosting events for almost any Group or Organization, with a good cause and great attitude!

We have 50 acres of pristine woodlands with carefully masked modern amenities. Restrooms, showers, and oodles of camping space are all available at Britannia Faire. We look forward to working with LARPing/Historical Reenactment, Youth, Weddings and Not-For- Profit groups.



Britannia Faire isn’t just a campground, or rental venue; we also host our own events! Our flagship event, Masque Beltannia is particularly popular with medieval and nature enthusiasts alike.


All guests and event attendees of Britannia Faire events are expected to abide by the rules and code of conduct set forth by the Caretaker and Landowners, as well as all applicable local, state and federal laws.

Britannia Faire is private property. Breaking these rules may result in ejection from an area of Britannia Faire, ejection from event activities, ejection from an event, or being banned from Britannia Faire.

General Rules

These rules apply at all times, regardless of the event being held.
  1. The land holder[s] retains the right to eject or preemptively ban anyone from Britannia Faire.
  2. No use of Britannia Faire equipment by non-staff.
  3. No use or handling of property which belongs to the land holder[s] without express permission.
  4. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for underage drinking.

Event Staff

Event staff members may be designated by the land holder[s] and or the Event Coordinator.
  1. Event Guests are expected to acknowledge and follow legitimate directions from official event staff.
  2. Event staff may be asked to display a token, wrist band, or other device which visually designates one as staff. This device may need to be returned to the Event Coordinator after the event.
  3. Event staff may not give or lend the staff designating device to non-staff members. Doing so may result in loss of status as a staff member and ejection from staff only areas, or ejection from Britannia Faire.
  4. Non-staff members may not use a staff designating device to gain access to staff only areas. Doing so may result in ejection from Britannia Faire.
  5. Volunteering at Britannia Faire does not designate one as event staff. Britannia Faire Citizenship does not designate one as event staff.


Rules for Medieval themed events, LARPs and battle games hosted by Britannia Faire.
  1. Medieval garb / costuming is required at all times, when outside of your camp. Even on the way to the bathroom.
  2. No vehicles in camps. After vehicles are unloaded, they are to be moved to the dedicated parking area
  3. Period drinking vessels are required: no modern cans, beer bottles, plastic cups in view.

Tavern / Kitchen

Rules for the Broken Spoke Tavern, the kitchen, bathrooms, and immediate surrounding areas.
  1. NO SMOKING of any kind in or around The Broken Spoke Tavern, the bathrooms, or any tents or structures that may be set up to extend its roof
  2. No entry into the kitchen by non-staff. Access at one event does not indicate access at subsequent events.
  3. NO entry behind the bar by non-staff. Access at one event does not indicate access at subsequent events.
  4. NO use of outdoor kitchen equipment such as the grill by non-staff
  5. Food or drinks left unattended at The Broken Spoke Tavern, including on the bar will be disposed of with or without their vessel.
  6. Items left at The Broken Spoke Tavern, including on the bar, including feastware and drinking vessels, may be put into a Lost & Found area or thrown away at any time at staff discretion
  7. Unclaimed Lost & Found items from prior events may be auctioned off at subsequent events to raise funds for Britannia Faire
  8. Period drinking vessels may be required, in which case staff will serve beverages into one’s own drinking vessel and dispose of bottles and cans. Attendees not using period drinking vessels will be asked to return to their camp for their period drinking vessel.
  9. BYO Feastware. Britannia Faire will not provide feastware of any kind unless specified in an event’s description
  10. The Broken Spoke Tavern will not sell or provide food or beverage unless specified in an event’s description
  11. When the generator is off, toilets flush by pouring water into the toilet bowl
  12. Refill the bucket to flush toilets after you have flushed
  13. If there is an issue with a bathroom, notify a staff member immediately
  14. Do not flush garbage
  15. Try to keep showers to a reasonable amount of time.
  16. One person to a shower.


Bring what you need, and leave only memories behind. 
  1. Britannia Faire is a pack-in, pack-out site.
  2. Be prepared to take your garbage with you, do not assume you can throw it away at The Broken Spoke Tavern.
  3. There is no garbage service, do not leave garbage at your campsite.

Rules for Minors

Anyone under the age of 18
  1. Minors must be accompanied onsite by a parent/guardian. If the parent/guardian leaves site, they must take the minor[s] with them.
  2. A parent/guardian who is onsite may designate another specific adult to supervise their minor[s]. That adult may not designate someone else to supervise the minor[s]. The parent/guardian may not designate another adult to supervise the minor[s] if the parent/guardian is leaving Britannia Faire; the parent/guardian must take the minor[s] offsite with them.
  3. Minors under 12 years of age must be within eyesight of their parent/guardian.
  4. Minors under 12 years of age may not go near the creeks unescorted by their parent/guardian. Within eyesight is not good enough, the parent/guardian must go to the creeks with the minor[s].
  5. After dark, minors must stay in camp and may not leave unescorted by their parent/guardian. Within eyesight is not good enough, the parent/guardian must be with the minor[s].
  6. Minors over 12 years of age may supervise [babysit] minors under 12 years of age in their own camp without a fire, at the Battlefield, and at the bathroom only. But not at the Broken Spoke, bonfire, stone circle, at the creeks, etc.

Pet Policy

Furry friends are always welcome!
  1. Well-behaved pets are welcome at Britannia Faire events.
  2. Pet owners are responsible for their pets’ actions and behaviour at all times.
  3. Dogs may run free in your camp, however please use a leash when visiting the Battlefield, Merchant areas, or Tavern when food is being served.
  4. Clean up after your pet.